Monday, September 2, 2013

A Lovely Day in London Town

After waking the Pembroke Costal Path heights, I decided to tackle the London Eye, the gigantic Ferris Wheel on the Thames. No problem whatsoever. The gondolas were large, the rotation was very slow, my anxiety was zip to none. Beautiful day, cloudless sky, expansive vista. Other than initially mistaking Parliament for Westminster Abbey (we soon realized the error), we had a terrific day. We began, of course, with breakfast at our local Starbucks across from the British Museum. On the way to the Eye, we got tickets for Agatha Christie's Mousetrap, found the theater, and found a restaurant in which Joanne can eat Yorkshire Pudding. We then walked the entire way to the Eye, a lovely walk to Piccadilly Circus and through the posh business area. I toured Westminster Abbey, paying specific homage to the Poets' Corner. The subway on the way back to the hotel was much more complicated and disorienting than the Eye!  We only lost each other once during this busy day. Quite a successful endeavor and adventure. So much better then yesterday. Cheerio!

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