Monday, August 26, 2013


Met up at last in London hotel near train station.
Unsatisfying pub meal; sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

Alarm didn't go off. Half dressed. Missed breakfast.
Walked in rain. Dragged luggage to Paddington.
Confusing, chaotic station. Luckily, train delayed.
Crowded, unorganized. Asked many questions.

Last leg cancelled. Grumpy clerk. Fast food.
Changed trains; re-routed to Haverfordwest.

Reversed out of small towns off main track.
Four-seat arrangement; switch seat each rotation.

Picked up by boistrous, reassuring cabbie;
Carrots Cabs, not orange, not pointy-ended.

B & B bucolic, lovely; nurturing, kind, warm smiles.
Cozy room. Soft water. Cows lowing outside window.

Gracious hostess and host open their doors and hearts.
Delicious snack, dinner, breakfast, and box lunch.

Other guest, delightful conversations, helpful info.
Cheerful, energetic, youthful retired priest from USA.

Relief to sort through and reorganize suitcases.
Packet of materials to reorient to next journey leg.

Sleep like a rock; sov som en sten. Feeling hopeful.
Morning fog dampens surfaces. Sunlight breaks.

Optimistic re-dedication to walk. Taxi delivers to trail head.
From Strumblehead back to Fishguard, where we sleep.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) August 26, 2013

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