Monday, August 26, 2013

Update from London/Wales

Joanne made it to the London Paddington neighborhood hotel, slept for several hours, and then we went out for pub food. Still minimally raining, food merely passable, returned to sleep and sleep. The alarm didn't go off, and then the time zone shifted by an hour, so we awakened at 7:57 for an 8 train. We made it to the station; very confusing to get actual tickets and to determine the platform location. The train was actually half an hour delayed, which delayed the whole day, resulting in arriving 3 hours later than planned. Luckily, the gracious B&B hostess/host had enough food for us for dinner, so we ate a wonderful meal, had pleasant conversation with another walker, and are now ready for bed.
A day that started out backwards has turned around once again.
I WILL try the walk tomorrow. My foot has felt so much better these last 2 days--remarkable really. I feel trepidatious, but I will try this first day.

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