Saturday, August 24, 2013

Update from London

8-24-13 Waiting for another plane. Today, I fly from Copenhagen to London for the last stage of this marvelous journey. Tomorrow, from London, pal Joanne and I go to Wales, where we had initially planned to walk the Pembroke Coastal Path. Although better, my foot continues to be sore, especially in the mornings and evenings. I have not tried much walking, so I am not quite clear about my capacity. I walked OK in the airport this morning. Joanne will walk; if unable to walk, I will be transported with the luggage--talk about excess baggage!
I enjoyed the Jungian Congress. Although I "arrived" on Sunday afternoon, I emotionally "landed" Thursday evening. I enjoyed the previous days, but rather tentatively--lots to take in and integrate. Thursday evening, two of our Seattle Jungian Psychotherpists Association colleagues, Elizabeth Clark-Stern and Lindsey Rosen, and their crew, presented their play, On the Doorstep of the Castle, to an appreciative audience. They asked me to be stage manager, which I greatly appreciated.
Very good time with roomie, Janet, with whom I will also connect later in London--wonderful to get even more deeply connected to a very good friend. 
Next to connect with Joanne, with whom I will travel to Wales and, later, to see London.
I am working my way ever westward. I fly back to Seattle on September 3rd, leaving London at 3:00 pm, arriving in Seattle at 4:35 pm; short flight!!

Well, the Camino challenges continue. I arrived at Heathrow Airport in London and easily got a cab to the Best Western Hotel near Paddington Station. When I looked for my credit card to pay the cabbie, the card was not there. I had left the card in the boarding pass machine in the Copenhagen Airport. The cab driver said that few London cabs accept credit cards, but he took my other card with a 10% surcharge. I had just gotten used to paying taxi by credit card! I hadn't even thought about exchanging for English pounds at the airport.
Thank goodness this hotel has good Internet (the Copenhagen hotel's Internet was VERY spotty). After first telling my sister (of course), I got on the Internet to find my credit card company's phone number to cancel the card. So far, no charges. I had made a copy of the other card, but not this one. 
So, I think all is well at this moment. I am not freaked out. I think all will be well--and not perfect, which is just the way life is.
And home is looking better all the time!! Love to you all.

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