Monday, August 19, 2013


Effective July 1, 2013, I began to practice being retired 
Within a 2-quarters-on, 2-quarters-off cadence, finally
Addressing a life-long challenge to balance work and play.

Having worked since 12-year-old babysitting,
Not counting caring for myself and younger siblings,
Work, work, work, has been an adult motto.

I am fortunate to have identified a craft well-suited to
My in-born temperament as well as to my investment in
Combining personal and professional development.

Although demanding and partially distracting, 
Vocation forged a path toward both family and 
Home within a profession of honesty and integrity.

Collaboration with clients, supervises, students, 
And colleagues offers both context and container 
For processing feeling, thinking intuiting, sensing.

Summer, 2013, offered a laboratory in which
To experiment with productive leisure time to
Travel, visit family, reflect, and write, write, write.

I feel confident and energetic as I approach a 
Clear vision of projects and products extending 
To the horizon and well beyond my imagination.

The third age, the third act, The Third, prior to
Completing The Fourth and final cumulative tasks.
We (me, myself, and I) can and will do this!

Ann Beth Blake
(c) August 19, 2013

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