Thursday, August 29, 2013


In Copenhagen, shared hotel room,
Convenient to Congress conference.
She knows everyone, even if they
Have not met previously. So social.

Fast extravert, most thoughts spoken.
Forward thinking to avert complications.
Generous and considerate; offering
Specific details: Little Mermaid awards.

Playful, adventuresome, inclusive;
Passion for art, history, and antiquities.
Willing to make second visits to share
With me. Easygoing; easily delighted.

In Wales, companioning on glorious
Coastal Path, sharing spectacular views
Earned from walking near cliffs and repeated 
Up/down hiking. Open and receptive to beauty.

Still upbeat despite unfortunate respiratory 
Virus cramping her usual Energizer Bunny.
Friendly and kind; impish humor quickly
Erupts to clever teasing to lighten moods.

Avidly dedicated to hard work, dogs, music,
Family, and almost anything in the outdoors.
After almost 40 years of friendship, finally
Sharing an exquisite, spiritual adventure.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) August 29, 2013

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