Saturday, August 17, 2013

Past Update: Catching up,from being off-line in Stockholm

We have been off-line since I arrived in Finspång. The "guy" had to come out three times--hope it wasn't my techno jinx. I am now using the wi-if on the bus, traveling from Finspång till (to) Stockholm. I am glad to again have company along the way. The Swedish buses (yes, I am bragging once again) are comfortable, clean, and all have seat belts--imagine that! A two-hour ride, a visit with my cousin's friend, a relaxed day watching a new (to me) British seriesThe House of Eliot--sounds like a good time to me. Pretty scenery, of course. Nearing Stockholm at 5 pm/17:00 on a Friday afternoon, we are getting into traffic, and when possible, the bus driver is speeding up. Carnival ride! 

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