Thursday, August 1, 2013

One month!

Today or tomorrow, Karin will complete her El Camino de Santiago de Compostela. Gratulera, Kära Karin!!!!
I have been away from home for one month. This morning is a beautiful, sunny, cloudless, slightly-breezy day. Sverige sommar, de säger, entusiastiskt och stolt. Swedish, summer, they say, enthusiastically and proudly. Staffan replaced the Swedish blå och gul wimple/long blue and yellow pendant with the similarly-colored full-size Swedish flag to commemorate his and Eva's tjugoett (21st) wedding anniversary as well as the arrival of the two eldest daughters. The full flag denotes special occasions, both national and personal.
My Camino continues as I live and love closely with my Swedish Family. We spend time together in their daily lives, comfortable and relaxed. 
With this branch of the family, I write at a small backyard table, sufficiently in the midst of things and sufficiently to one side--wonderful balance. Eva wants to see me in a large floral hat, looking more like an accomplished country writer.
Today, the two oldest come home for several days. All are in eager anticipation of their arrival. The newly-licensed sister has the privilege of driving to pick up the eldest at the bus station in the nearby larger town. We adults await their arrival. The next eldest arrives this afternoon. Celebration time!

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