Thursday, August 8, 2013

Last Evening in Dalsland

This afternoon, the family's eldest daughter returned to her job in Norway. Tomorrow early afternoon, I say goodbye to the Dahlsland family. I then journey onward to visit other relatives in Sweden. I cherish my time with the Dalsland family members who have so graciously included me in their hearts and their families. I will forever smile when remembering the stugar in which I slept and the outdoor tables at which I wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. 
My Swedish Camino consists of time with my family, time in my homeland, and time for my fingers to write about my thoughts and feelings. I have learned so much about myself, about each individual, about my heritage, and about my heart and soul's desires. 
Today's delights: Eva's evening meal, as always; watching "Sommar med Ernst" with Eva AND Staffan. This show is the world's best home remodeling/decorating/gardening/cooking show, EVER. Thursdays, channel 4, 20:00/8 pm. Next Thursday is the final show for this year. Tune in!
My days here were balanced with people and with time to myself. Deep breath of gratitude and contentment. Tacksam, tacksam, tacksam!

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