Thursday, August 1, 2013


Karin made it, of course. I always knew she would.
She stands, yes, she can still stand, smiling,
Pictured in front of the immense St. James
Cathedral with several walking companions.

Hurra, hurra, hurra for Karin, and hurra!!!!
You succeeded in crossing the Pyrenees, 
Walking up and down and ever up and down,
Successfully finding, finding, and finding again,
Ubiquitous, sometimes slightly hidden, yellow arrows.

Out of bed before dawn, grabbing backpack
And walking sticks, focused on The Path and on
Coffee, desayuno, and water, water, water.
Soulful solo trecking, meditative and reflective;
Balanced with companionable conversations,
Sometimes in relaxed, accessible svenska.

At the end of each day, finding safe shelter and
Nourishing food. Packing and repacking the
Big, red backback; tending to feet and muscles.

And, at last, completion, the Compostela,
The diploma of completion, the huge 
St. James Cathedral in Santiago, Spain.
Full of knowledge and satisfaction, and full
Of the challenging and personally necessary
Accomplishment, essential for the soul.

Gratulera, Kära Karin. Och nu, hem.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) August 1, 2013

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