Friday, August 30, 2013


Indeed it's a conspiracy
Against the Yanks' 
high hopes and 
Low dreads.

Ssseemingly kind
Young man 
First warns of
Sssnake eating 
Sssmack dab
In the cccenter of
Walking path.

We cringe.
We imagine.
We prepare 
To be startled.
But no sssnake
And no ssslug.

He also told us
About white 
Baby ssseals 
Being fed by
Their parents.
"Just ahead.
You'll hear
Them cry."

We hope.
We form images.
We anticipate.
We yearn to
Oohhh and ahhhh.
But no adorable 
Ssseall pups on rocks.

A quartet of 
Trustworthy elders,
For cccertain.
Elderly man 
Earnestly notifies
Us of ssseal pups 
Just around the 
Next bend.
"Look for the 
Post, then look
Ssstraight down."

We rationalize.
We reawaken 
Our hopes and 
Our dreams.
We trust again.
We open our hearts
And our minds.
Sssurely, this
Time. . . .

Nope, no pups.
How could they?
Did they gather
Together this
Morning to
Plot and plan
To foil and foul
The Yanks?
"Just tell them 
They'll sssee
Ssseal pups.
They'll buy it, 
Hook, line, and 

Ann Beth Blake 
(c) August 30, 2013

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