Monday, August 12, 2013

Hej Då, Göteborg!

Leaving Göteborg for the Third Time

(1) I arrived in Göteborg on July 1, 2013. I first left Göteborg on July 3rd when Karin and I took a bus, plane, and train to France to start walking the El Camino de Santiqgo de Compostella journey. After 8 days walking the El Camino, an injured heel sent me back to Göteborg, where I stayed with family for 10 wonderful days. 
(2) I left Göteborg the second time to take the bus to Åmål/Tösse/Tössebäcken for 2 fabulous weeks. I returned to Göteborg to surprise Karin for her birthday, which almost worked except for her clever deduction from my (I thought) carefully-crafted blog re leaving Dalsland. I am delighted to have been able to spend Kariin's birthday celebration with her and the extended family. I also had the opportunity to hear Karin's El Camino stories, which filled my imagination and my heart. 
(3) And now, on August 12th, I leave Göteborg for the third time--almost all final "Vi ses" ( we will see each other) said, except for Peter. Soon I will be on my way to Finspång and then to Stockholm, my final week in Sweden, my homeland. 
Stay tuned for news from Swedish eastern environs and West Coast.
Tacksam och tack så mycket till alla min släktingar i Göteborg för tre underbar resor med dig! Jag älskar dig! Vi ses näste gång. Komm till Seattle!

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