Friday, August 2, 2013

Full Day

After a refreshing mid-day swim and picnic, Eva and Staffan prepared a family gathering with their four children and Eva's extended family. We had an evening of warm, gracious humor; delicious and abundant food; sitting at an outdoor table for hours of easy conversation among three-generations who thoroughly enjoy each other's company. After long, dark winters, summers are fully appreciated as a time for relaxed living and making the most of available sun and warm weather. Tasks quickly accomplished flow into fun. I am constantly amazed at the balance of this family's ability to work hard, seemingly effortlessly, accomplish a great deal, and have plenty of time and energy for conversation and laughing. I certainly am having a wonderful time among them.
We have all heard about the value of language intensives--being thrown into the deep end of the linguistics pool--and it is working. At dinner, when the conversations are relaxed (SLOW) and contextual ized, I am beginning to be able to understand more and more Swedish--again, rudimentary, but so pleasing when full sentences arrive in my consciousness. I am grateful for my family's patience and encouragement. Hurra!

I appreciate your continuing to follow along with me in this marvelous summer. I am amazed and grateful as I see the number climbing re your visits. Hugs and smiles from me to all of you.

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