Saturday, August 31, 2013


"Pick up your feet! I can't tell if it's you or
Your dad coming in," mom admonished.
Good advise for Pembroke Coastal Path,
Traveling along edges of 90-degree cliffs.
Rocks, mostly sideways slate, jut up,
Offering plenty opportunity for tripping.

Acrophobia precluded sky diving and
Just about anything else up in the air.
Astonishingly, Pembroke Coastal Path 
Generated neither paralyzingly terror 
Nor prohibitive inhibition as I gazed at
Crashing waves at the bottom of many 
Sheer cliffs inches away from my feet.

This morning, after walking 38 miles in
Five days on St. David's Pilgrimage/
Pembroke Coastal Path in Wales,
Left heel, injured on El Camino in Spain, 
Painful for five weeks in Sweden and
Denmark, minimally hurts. Blessing.
New orthotics, weeks of rest & TLC, 
Welsh coastal air and vistas. Blessings!

Goals achieved. Miracle beyond my 
Understanding or ability to explain.
Well, except for faith, mercy, grace,
Relationships, kindness, generosity,
And, my learning curve, receptivity.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) August 30, 2013

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