Sunday, August 4, 2013

Ever Deepening Family Ties

I spent another wonderful day with more relatives, visiting a well-preserved Värmland country manor built 1792-1794. Värmland is the "county" just north of my current location. Murals grace all walls, including the multi-person privy, which includes two small places for children. The farm has an orchard of vintage Värmland apple species.
As with so many relatives, both partners work in medical and social service positions which require honed interpersonal skills and which contribute to their community. We spent the early evening in their home, eating outdoors and amicably chatting to get more acquainted via current and historical information. We discovered yet more similarities and additional family ties. I learned several more Swedish terms to add to min ordlista/my word list.
And now, a quiet evening in the waning Swedish sunlight. 

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