Sunday, August 4, 2013


Taking advantage of every Swedish summer moment,
All possible meals are eaten outside at umbrella-covered
Backyard tables, in växthus, and on porches, boats, islands.
Meals are most relaxed when eaten under sun or stars.

Seven met to ride together in a cozy/mysig motor boat,
Anchoring at a nearby island for mid-day  festivities:
A lake swim, fika, and lunch amid relaxed conversation,
Updates, laugher, sunbathing, a short nap, more laughter.

This second assemblage of three generations sat and lay
Upon a rocky island in Lake Vänern, beneath sunny skies
Later turning dark-clouded, thunderous, and rainy.
Many hands made short work as we reloaded the boat.

Intending to stop at a larger island for lunch, we soon
Changed course toward home due to ever-darkening skies.
Our capable captain scanned and assessed clouds,
Docking the boat at the precise moment of rain drops.

As we finished lunch sitting in the docked boat, 
Rain repeatedly came and went, hard rain that
Kept us willing prisoners in the waning afternoon.
Peels of laughter and gratitude for being together.

Home again with dry clothes and delicious meal,
Conversations continued and deepened, floating 
Between and among; specific discussions about
Heritage, map comparisons of Sweden and US.

Noting my loss of understanding, alerted that 
Some had  slipped into comforable Dalarna dialect. 
Verbal debrief of impressions at day's end.  
Continuing appreciation of enjoyable relating.
Ann Beth Blake
(c) August 4, 2013

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