Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 4 on Pembroke Coastal Path/St. David's Pilgrimage

Smilar to yesterday, we walked consistently at the top ridge of the cliffs--only several up/downs into ravines. One of my toes continues to be unhappy from Day 2's multiple up/downs--maybe on the way to losing a toenail. The rest of me is getting stronger every day. Hiking is not for the squeamish.
We had Seattle weather today--a little bit of everything: overcast, brief squall, lots of wind, sun enough, etc. Although a longer walk in terms of miles, we made good time and got to our destination by 3:30. We had our traditional latte and hot chocolate, called for our pick up, and made it to St. David's in time for Vespers at St. David's Cathedral, an ancient and very large edifice. I was immediately moved by the choral service (visiting choir from Cambridge), a service which occurs nightly and which welcomes pilgrims. After a small dinner, we repose again in a B&B, this time in Great Britain's smallest city, St. David's.
Tomorrow, our last day on this pilgrimage, we intend to find the Holy Site of St. Non, reportedly St. David's mother.

To appease my curiosity, the following terms apply to the area around me:

Britain: England and Wales
Great Britain: Scotland, England, and Wales
United Kingdom: Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland
British Islands: United Kingdom and the Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey
British Isles: all of the above plus the State of Ireland

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