Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 3 on the St. David's Pilgrimage in Wales

Splendid day, of course. Today's walk along the edge of the cliffs was flatter, along farms and meadows. A few up/downs to beaches, in which, unfortunately, we did not swim--but tempting! The views were spectacular. In the early afternoon, we could look back to see several layered cove heads--and at the end of the row, Strumble Head Lighthouse where we began both Day 1 and Day 2. Wonderful to see an old friend and to see how far we have walked--around every cove and bend and cliff. The sun was out all day; as in Spain, we are heading west, so we get the full sun in our face for most of the day. We walked from 10-4:30 today.
The tan I did not get in Spain (remember my red splotches that precluded any tanning on my legs?), I am now accumulating in Wales. Not that tanning is my goal, but so much more attractive than red splotches. 
My favorite birds (next to loons), Mourning/Morning Doves are here in Wales. Their call is slightly different along this beautiful coastline.
As we merrily walked along, Joanne had a tune association for almost every exclamatory phrase. Blue skies; what goes up, must come down; follow the yellow (actually, red) brick road; etc. and etc. Today, in comparison with the first two days, we came across a couple of SMALL villages--but no stores with aspirin for Joanne's sore throat. 
My heel was more sore today than at the start of yesterday. Clearly, I am more capable of walking on paths than on flooring or streets. I sit here, as I sat yesterday, with my foot on ice.
I am so glad to be walking in nature again. I am reading The Earth Has A Soul, a compilation of C. G. Jung's writing/lectures about our relationship, or lack of, with nature. I might just enter some quotations at some point. 
Best to all of you!

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