Sunday, August 18, 2013

Copenhagen/Köpenhamn Camino

The Camino continues in Copenhagen/Köpenhamn. Although the hotel revolving door wasn't working as I tried to enter (really, are all machines allergic to me?), the next thing that happened as I approached the registration desk is that my friend Janet, with whom I am rooming, approached me from behind with robust and welcome, "Hello!" Once upstairs in our room, we chatted and chatted, then went downstairs to the lobby for the Opening Reception, at which, in the first 10 minutes, I saw everyone I knew and/or wanted to see; Janet and I had intended to just stay a few minutes, so that whole thing also worked well. We had a good dinner in the hotel bar, ran into another friend with whom we talked for a half hour, and are now comfortably ensconced in our comfy beds. 
Both flights and both taxi rides went just fine, so I am now on another leg of my exciting Summer, 2013 journey. I will attend workshops tomorrow and also find time for writing. Good to be back on line, although the hotel connection was slightly complicated--the designated tech concierge was busy!

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