Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Checking-in from Copenhagen/Köpenhamn

After my sorta-whiny post this morning, I am checking-in to say I am just fine. I wish I could walk more easily, because we are across the street from a small lake with a pretty path--and we seem to be in the center of town. Oops, I am whining agin.
Actually, I am having a wonderful time laughing, learning, and being with Seattle friends. We will go out tomorrow to see more of Copenhagen for a little shopping, visit a museum, and get a sense of this marvelous city. I am enjoying and benefitting from conversations and from presentations. I see famous people within the Jungian world--just walking around in the midst of us. I am amidst 7 colleagues from Seattle, which is pleasant and comfortable. Back to listening to an educational presentation.

Hours later: Just adding a few more thoughts to this already-publilshed post. I now feel in my stride of feeling comfortable and oriented (spellchecker just corrected my speed/inaccurate typing to "omitted," thus continuing to present both ends of the continuum so that I don't get too one-sided in my appreciation of feeling "better")--so tempting to overvalue "good" feelings rather than equally valuing both end of the continuum, thus keeping my eye on wholeness. SIGH--always in process, never done, thank goodness.

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