Saturday, August 31, 2013

6th Country

Saturday, August 30, 2013
I have to remind myself about my current location, and I am slightly confused that most people speak English.
We arrived in London by train today about 2:30. School starts on Monday, so many people are celebrating their last free days. The streets are full of people--odd after being in the countryside for 6 days and after walking in the abject silence for 5 days. 
We went to St. Martin in the Fields for a concert tonight: the Belmont Ensemble of London, string group playing Mozart, Vivaldi, and Bach. Wonderful concert. St. Martin in the Fields Church has a fabulous modern stained glass window behind the altar.
The photo does not do the picture justice, but you can get an idea. As the evening deepened, the oval egg got increasingly irridescent, and the glow seemed to spread outward. Fantastic. St. Martin in the Field Church is on Trafalgar Square, so we got our first glimpse of a part of London on Saturday evening. LOADS of people!
Tomorrow, Sunday, August 31, we will start walking the Jubilee Trail in downtown London, which takes us by all the famous places I have always heard of. New adventure. I already love being in London. I am pinching myself to be sure that I am awake.
But not for too much longer. Soon to sleep. Our hotel is across the street from the British Museum, so we start there tomorrow.
Cheerio, pip pip!

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