Monday, July 8, 2013

Well, End of Day 4

Very odd day. It's very hot here--we don't even pay attention to the thermometer, we just walk on and on. Last night we had stopped in a small town north of Pamploma (see later re running with the bulls!), Trinidad de Arre, so we started out this morning earlier than usual because we thought we would have to bypass Pamplona due to their 2-week festival. We arrived at the city just in time to walk though the center of town. Simply a disaster area of leftover detritus from the morning's running of the bulls. In addition to all the junk on the streets and the municipal folks trying to literally hose down the place, revelers continued to revel in various ways--soon replaced by families with young children--everyone dressed in white with red sashes. Quite the spectacle.

I am sad that today I developed a needle pain in the bottom of my left heel. Every step was excruciating. I leaned on my sticks to take the weight off, but I was struggling mightily and moving incredibly slowly--and praying aloud. We stopped to ice my foot, which gave no relief. My mood remained mostly elevated except during silent conversations about accepting the gift and about listening for the message I needed to hear. We stopped at a university that advertised on a huge sign that they stamped pilgrims' passports--sweet respite with wonderfully clean bathrooms.

During the day, Karin and a wide variety of kind people offered me a large range of remedies--to no avail. I finally agreed to see a doctor, so we took a taxi back to Pamplona; the city was still in high gear. Long story short, an incredibly kind doctor, aided by a nurse who valiantly translated, diagnosed a bone spur. He prescribed an anti-inflammatory, patted me many times, said that resting my foot would not help, but that medicine and 3 pair of socks might give me some relief.

Karin and I talked and cried over and over again--and came up with many contingencies. Tomorrow, I will take public transportation (taking booth backbacks) to the next destination. I will take the meds to see what happens. And we will decide from there. Of course I am deeply disappointed, and I don't know what the future brings--but then we never know--part of the pilgrimage. Brave words, but sad heart!

The woman here Cizur Menor pilgrims' hostel is phenomenal; she kindly and proficiently takes care of all issues, fixing blistered feet, retying boots, arranging transportation, speaking many languages--truly an angel and a diamond.


  1. Hello Dearest Ann,

    I am so very sorry to read of this news and can 'hear' your disappointment and sadness at the possibility of this effecting your pilgrimage. I am sending you my prayers and positive thoughts, envisioning you fulfilling your dream.

    Sending hugs,

  2. A pox on your bone spur and many (((((hugs)))) to you!