Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Visit to artist colony--hand-made items, YAY!

After a Seattle-weather day, which allowed Eva and Staffan to catch up on gardening and lawn mowing and gave me even more time to continue writing, today arrived with sunshine, short showers, and breezy wind. Eva, Stina, and I drove to a nearby artist collective, Not Quite, in nearby Fengersfors (I LOVE Swedish!). The collective inhabits an old paper mill which closed in the late 1970s; one buIlding retains vintage machinery, accompanied by explanations, photographs, and paper samples. We walked among the machinery, imagining people working long hours in hot and humid conditions. Stina, the photographer, borrowed my camera; I look forward to enjoying her artistic pics! Of course we enjoyed fika, a Swedish tradition of afternoon high-quality snack of pastries and coffee (tea for me)--an unbelievably delicious chocolate tort (spellchecker first corrected my typo to "devious"--SMART spellchecking!). 
Hurra, hurra, hurra, hurra!!!! Elin and Lisa arrive from Noway tomorrow. The whole family will gather to celebrate their arrival; all will benefit from being together. Weather patterns forecast the return of sunshine and warm temperatures.

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