Monday, July 22, 2013

This wonderful day in Göteborg

Shout out to Karin for continued strong walking the El Camino!! You're progress is amazing and wonderful--as are you!

This afternoon, Lina and I had lunch in downtown Göteborg and took Padden (The Frog) water tour of Göteborg hamn/harbor. Göteborg was the departure city for many Swedish migrants in the 1800s. My great-grandmother, Britta Karlsson,  probably departed from the Amerikaskjulet in Göteborg when she left Sweden for the US. Lina and I saw this building during the harbor tour; the building is near the neighborhood in which Karin and Peter and Eva live.

Lina and I comfortably experiment with the other person's language, Lina being much more accomplished in English, of course, than I am in Swedish. We had a wonderfully pleasant time hanging out and becoming more-firmly acquainted. We transferred my photos from camera to iPad, but the photos run in random order. The complexity of life: randomness.

I have heard from many people via e-mail--wonderful to be regularly and dependably connected. My best to ALL!

Thursday, I go north to my family's home towns for 2 weeks: Ämäl and Tösse. These towns are located on the west coast of Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Sweden--like Lake Superior in Minnesota! I will visit with Monica and Göran, Gunilla and Jan, Staffan and Eva and teens Lisa, Per, and Stina, as well as Olle and Kristina. Elin will be home from her work in Norway.

Göteborg feels similar to Seattle; Ämäl and Tösse seem similar to Northern Minnesota. I have the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds on both sides of The Pond.

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