Sunday, July 21, 2013


Intentions, albeit useful to
Invite participation, 
Offer clarification and direction,
Gain a bird's-eye view, 
Look beyond the moment and into the future,
Intentions offer only a small pixel of the larger picture.

I intended to walk 850 miles, 
To accompany Karin on El Camino, 
To reflect upon the meaning and direction of my life,
To experience a life-altering 5 weeks that would crystallize
My remaining 10-20 years in this existence.

Lofty goals, any goals, are mere pipe dreams,
That at least get my head off the pillow each morning.
Intentions and commitments spur onward, 
Motivating me to perform in ways that could be ego-syntonic.

Intentions mixed with intuition and discernment
Provide a more holistic portrait, 
Yet humans lack the final ingredient: knowing.

The Mystery provides a vital ingredient that 
Keeps me interested, on board, awake.

To be.

Ann Beth Blake 
(c) July 21, 2013

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