Sunday, July 14, 2013

Godspeed, Karin...

The Camino continues. 

I tried to catch an early bus from Navarette back to Lorono (there connecting to a bus to Madrid airport), but the bus was full of celebrating teens--at 8:30 on a Sunday morning. I missed the bus by one person. Two young women,Telbi y Adelina, who also missed the bus, hailed a passing taxi and invited me along. Mistaking them for younger, I paid the taxi fee. They then helped me try to buy a ticket from a machine, but the machine would take neither my credit card nor my cash (machine was broken), so we went across the street for desayuno (breakfast) until the ticket sellers arrived. 

I found out that both are elementary school teachers and are in their 30s. One spoke struggling English, and she continued to make the effort so that the three of us could communicate. After desayuno, we approached the ticket window--they negotiated the ticket--and paid for it. We talked until their bus left, exchanging information; hopefully they will visit the US someday. 

In the bus station, I also saw two Finnish women whom Karin and I had frequently run into while walking the El Camino. While they and Karin spoke Swedish, I could follow along. One of the women had an especially playful sense of humor; she impishly told me (to her own and my delight) that she and her friend referred to me and Karin as "Anna Karinina ." They are taking a bus to Bilbao and then a flight back to Finland. 
So here I sit waiting for a bus to Madrid.

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