Monday, July 22, 2013


Maybe just in USA WWII movies, 
But that Wahwah Wahwah 
Siren sound meant that 
The Nazi Gestapo
Was making another 
Arrest, taking Jewish
People and members of 
Other marginalized and 
Oppressed groups
To their deaths.

I assumed that specific
Sound would be so
Traumatizing and 
Such an anathema
That the unique
Sound would be
Erased from use
For all time.

But I hear that
Specific siren noise
As ambulances and
Police cars careen
Through the city.

Are we so accomplished
At forgetting and
At denying that
We accept and thus 
Ignore a sound
So closely associated 
With terror and death?

When talking about the
Utility of denial, I
Often suggest that
Our day-time clear-skied,
Or cloudily overcast,
Blue atmosphere 
Actually also provides
A shield against
Constant awareness that 
The Earth is a rock
Hanging in space,
Held aloft only while 
The Law of Gravity 
Remains unrepealed.
Constant confrontation
Of starry skies would be too
Frightening and terrorizing.

In Sweden and in
Other populated regions
Near the north/south
Axes, long, dark winters
Preclude denial of our 
Location in the Milky Way.
What is the effect of
A more-constant 
Knowledge, for 8-9
Months of the year,
That we float among
Other floating objects?
And what then occurs 
When that awareness is
Overcompensated for
And counterbalanced by
Juxtaposing 3-4 months of 
Almost-constant daylight?

On a regular and daily basis,
What essential information
Do I choose to ignore 
About myself and
About my life?
What aspects do I choose to
Refuse entry into 
Conscious awareness?
Traits that are
Noxious and dreadful?
Characteristics that are
Wonderful and delightful?

The Shadow knows.
I had best do
My best to also know,
Lest the Sirens and sirens
Win because I have
Fallen into a stuporous
And stupid state.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) July 21, 2013

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