Friday, July 19, 2013

Rested and present

Rested and present

To Karin: Keep up the good work. Your steadiness is clearly reflected in your steady progress toward Santiago. Jag är så glad att dig har tid med vännor.

Snälla ser "hej" från mig!

I slept so well last night that I predicted my waking time as 10:00-- but no, 7:15. Sans pain is wonderful. Laundry, a little light housekeeping, time with family, time with self.

Productive yesterday too. Taped foot, new orthotics (not available in US--another reason for my trip and for my time in Sweden), exchanged Euros for Swedish Kronors, bought bus tickets, and found my way back from downtown via the tram.  Easy dinner and conversation with Eva. Needed vacation re comfortable time with self and relatives. 

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  1. An inspirational journey so far! I love reading your updates and only wish there were more photos! :o) Really enjoying hearing your adapting to what is and being able to move (seemingly easily) past what is supposed to be.