Friday, July 19, 2013


Varje dag/every day, so far, dawn arrives, as does dusk and sunset.
Occasionally, dawn seems brighter and arrives at its own 
Shimmering moment, irrespective of the tilt and rotation of the planet,
Shedding new light, insight, awareness, ahas, eurekas, newness, redefinition.
The El Camino experience has been such a shimmering.

Many ways to walk the Path:
  Open conversations and mutual respect with Karin; 
  Momentary intense, and sometimes repeated, encounters; 
  Inhaling beauty; seeing novel shapes within unfamiliar contexts;
  Trudging against gravity, both upward and downward;
  Distraction by  intense, non-threatening physical pain;
  Exhausting mental exercise of effortfully reinvesting in each moment;
  Fully embracing perspective as grist for mutual humanness; 
  Expansively praying for my needs and wants;
  Holding a wider perspective; 
  Offering compassion for others' compelling needs;
  Retreating from the Formal Way.

  Acknowledging messages: 
       Do my bidding . Listen.
       The soul is paramount.
        Pain is a means for understanding and empathizing with others.     
       Self-compassion  informs compassion for others.
       Focus on health, rather than on  ills and pains.
       Listen to the body: change tactics.
       Be conscious and open: ask for help; accept assistance. 
       When a door closes, a more important one opens--walk through.
       Goals are reached via diverse and unknowable directions.

Like vital biological patterns, true concepts must be reiterated and repeated.
My secure sense is that my Camino is in Sweden rather than in Spain.
The Path is in me: listen and see and accept offered experiences.
Be intentionally and gratefully present in each moment.

Be awake! Dawn breaks at spontaneous and creative moments.

Ann Beth Blake  
(c) July 19, 2013

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