Saturday, July 13, 2013

Near future plans

OK. I have made a decision for my near future. Tomorrow morning, I will return by bus to Logrono,  take a bus to the Madrid Airport, purchase a ticket back to Gothenberg/Göteborg, Sweden, where I will stay until I leave for Copenhagen. 

Sounds brave, sounds challenging, but isn't that life?

I will contact Joanne re our planned walk in Wales.

I am sad about missing these next four weeks with Karin. I am confident in her ability to complete the Camino, and I am sad to leave her on her own. I was keeping Karin from walking as far/fast as she can; we were also spending valuable energy working through my condition and decision. We are both sad. I am relieved to have made the decision to stop walking on my foot; I had no idea about the enormous challenge--with or without a painful foot.

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Love to all. It's all about the pilgrimage, this journey through life.


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