Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My next leg in my Swedish Camino; off-line until at least July 28th

Barnvakt ikväll med Lina--två sött barn. Mycket roligt.
Babysitting  tonight with Lina--two sweet children. Lots of fun.
FULL moon tonight--you too! So beautiful. It rained this evening; by the time we were on our way to Lina's, the rain had stopped. The clouds scuttled across the full moon, so it peeked in and out as we wound our way around roundly-rounds, across bridges, and, finally, to the last house on a road--freshly painted and tucked in for the night.
My last night in Göteborg. Tomorrow I will take a bus to Ämäl and Tösse and Tössebäcken to visit more family members. For the first serval days, I will stay with Monica, Göran, Gunilla, and Jan in a small cabin without electricity or plumbing. I will, therefore, be off-line until July 28th at the earliest. I will continue to write, so you will be inundated in later July. Be well, be happy, be YOU. Much love to all.

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