Monday, July 15, 2013

Montag, 15 juli

Montag, 15, Juli

Energy och älskar till Karin on her Camino!

Another language: Deutsch, on Lufthansa Airlines. I have an opportunity to use the small amount of high school/college German that I remember--very rudimentary, just the polite phrases.

I spent yesterday traipsing around Spain to get by buses and taxis to the Madrid airport. I did not figure out how to purchase any tickets online, so I just showed up to bus and plane terminals to ask for information and assistance. I tried to be polite by first saying, "Yo habla pequeno Espanol." or "Lo siento, no comprendo." Sometimes I was just too tired and started with English. Most people were very helpful, if a bit astonished that I had showed up at an airport without tickets. The Lufthansa folks were wonderful, even making me a reservation at a nearby hotel. By the time I got to the hotel, the next meal was served at 8:30 pm/20:30, so I e-mailed, showered, and had a late dinner. I would much rather have had this experience four weeks from now, after the Camino--plans change,  out of our control.  All of these transitions and no freak-outs! The miracles continue.

I am now in transit between Madrid/Frankfurt/Göteborg, Sweden, where I will spend time with Karin's family and with other Swedish relatives.

All this practice on the keyboard is giving me more facility with the iPad culture. I am pleased to stumble upon (literally) ways of managing the word processing.

I am gimpy and slightly less disoriented. Hello och hej to all.

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