Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Miraculous/synchronistic Day 5: 3 miracles/synchronisities by 9:30 am

My sad tale from yesterday has completely turned around!

Miracle 1:
When I awoke this morning, my foot felt fine! Three reasons, I am sure: ancient prayers, both internal and external (thank you!); contemporary medicine + physical reassuring pats; and ongoing process-oriented friendship augmented by blood-is-thicker-than-water containment. We walked 20 kilometers between Cizur Menor and Puente La Reina, passing Alto del Perdon (790 meters) upon which a fabulous multimedia-figured sculpture stands. Worth Googling!

Miracle/Synchronicity 2 & 3:
When I realized that I could indeed walk this morning, Karin had already set her sights on walking alone and my taking her bag with me by taxi to our next destination. In the process of changing plans, we decided to send both our backpacks ahead--but inadvertently and, of course, unknowingly, listed the wrong destination. As we crested one of the many hills, one small café on our route was just opening, but we noticed another café a block away--and noticed an acquaintance sitting outside--so we opted for the second café. Long story short, we realized that we had sent our backpacks to THAT village, but only by talking with Bonnie. After many complicated negotiations, we re-routed our backpacks to the correct town.

So I am once again walking the El Camino with Karin. I am grateful, happy, and touched by the generosity of this existence.


  1. God work Ann and Karin!
    We keep on reading all along the trip, keep up the good spirit!!
    // Staffan & Eva.

  2. So glad your foot is better! I am enjoying reading about your trip! Margaret

  3. Following you and praying for you this early sunday morning- Janet/Mike