Sunday, July 28, 2013


As I enter their presence,
Ingrid och Anna gently
Surge forward in verbal, 
Spiritual, and physical
Embraces, embodying
Warmth, affection, validation.

Their partners, certainly 
Chosen from above:
Smiles, welcomes, 
Offerings, invitations;
Humorous, generous
foundation for butterfly
and dragonfly spouses.

The four of them, angels all,
Unique yet fully connected in
All dyadic combinations during 
Twenty plus year of adult 
Relationships, preceded, 
Of course, by twenty plus
Years of close twinship.

Two partnerships based on
Loving respect, deeply valued
Collaboration, and ability for 
Truth telling. Each person
Brought solid ingredients 
From her/his family,
Nurtured and developed 
During decades of clear 
Commitment to self and other.

All four Jungian functions, 
Feeling (valuing), thinking (analyzing),
Sensing (orienting via tangibility),
And intuition (knowing beyond
Proof; swimming with possibilities),
Are well represented and generously 
Shared with and among the quartet.

All are avidly loving parents
To  now-grown children, 
Thriving via encouragement for
Intently listening to personal
And vocational internal voices.
In the world, all parents and 
All grown child significantly
Contribute to local and
Worldwide communities.

Almost unbelievably,the quality of
Connection increases with each
Moment in their presence. 
Inner and outer synchronicities
Flutter and shimmer within easy
Acceptance and delighted gratitude.
At ease, and I blossom in my core
As well as within our interactions.

Being in the presence of angels
Is fine, well, and good--really, it is.
Being held in the embrace of
Delightful and grounded angels,
Standing between twins, being
Invited to wish for my heart's desire,
Is simply and wondrously delicious.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) July 25, 2013

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