Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Evas Odlingslott
Eva's Pea Patch

In the city of Göteborg,
In a westerly neighborhood,
Eva farms a Pea Patch with
Like-minded folks who value
Land and home-grown produce.

Eva experiments with herbs,
Vegetables, and flowers, 
Employed as ingredients 
In her lotions and potions,
Generously shared with all.

A productive Shakespearean
Cauldron stirrer, Eva concocts
Creams, remedies, teas, soaps.
Opened refrigerator and cupboards
Reveal oil essences and dried plants.

Eva's worldview is affirmative, 
Optimistic, and enthusiastic. 
Within her crisp wit and quick
Intellect, she offers compassion and
High standards for respectful action.

Integrating the relationships between land
And people is integral to her nature.
The odlingslott embodies her being,
Her philosophy, and her meaning.
Cultivating plants offers passion and focus.

Eva is a daughter, a sister, a mother,
An aunt, a grandmother, a cousin,
A friend, a seeker, a sharer,
A multi-faceted health practitioner.
Eva is the earth.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) July 22, 2013

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