Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Easy Flight

Foggy London day, waiting in Heathrow.
Casual contact with seatmates
During red-eye flight from Seattle.
Seems like already acclimatized to time.

Somehow Swedish keyboard turned on.
Helps for writing Swedish re three extra vowels: å, ä, ö.
But automatically corrects my English to Swedish words , 
E.g., great becomes Greta; my becomes My--a Finnish woman's name. 
Keeps me on my toes, and good practice for I-pad mechanics.

This paragraf is fre form re acceptera Swedish spela suggestiv,
Proving the sträng simplare beteende the Teo languages,
Reminiscens ME of à spelling exempel that shows that 
When the first and last letters of a word are corect, 
We see/read the corect word.

Similarities between and among
All people in this diverse London airport:
Languages, hues, heights and weights, 
Moods, groupings, purposes, and destinations,
Yet all cue up and peacefully migrate,
All lost in own thought and observing each other.

Getting the hang of word proccessing on new rig.
Satisfying--new learning always empowering.
Time to move around.

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