Monday, July 22, 2013

Earlier poem just after deciding to stop walking


The windmills, today, are mostly stilled,
Insufficient wind to energize their blades.
My thoughts simultaneously churn and 
Stagnate, generating no energy, no clarity.

In the face of disappointing results,
Hard to avert depression and regret.
Prescription: Manage and support:
Refocus, attend, attune.

Smiles of satisfaction at the image of Karin's
Continued walk, probably at rest at this moment.
At least we walked long enough to establish a rhythm
Of finding nourishing food and nurturing rest.

Windmills also vary in their productivity.
Wimdmills are not in control of their source of energy.
Windmills simply accept what is true in each moment.
The windmills of my mind are tuned into inner and outer natures.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) July 14, 2013

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