Friday, July 12, 2013

Dear Ones,

Dear Ones, 

Once again and always, thanks for your abiding support, which I experience every moment--and need every moment.

Karin and I have now been walking for a week--following in so many footsteps past and present.  Yesterday morning, I awoke with high anxiety of being able to walk for another day because of the pain in my left heel. I was able to drag myself out of bed and get going by 6:30. We are trying to get up earlier and earlier so that we can walk before the heat of the day; because we are walking between 6-8 hours , we walk in midday--but the earlier we take off, the less we walk in sun. Yesterday was extremely hot with no shade. By the time we arrived in Los Arcos, I was so tired that I dropped into bed and slept for an hour and one half--before shower or laundry, which are essential first tasks upon arrival. After my tasks, we ate and then returned to the hostel for a massage!! Wonderful service! The "guy" was very skilled re pilgrims' feet and legs! He couldn't completely fix what ails me, but I got wonderful relief for those moments. We attended another pilgrims' blessing service; again, a warm priest and generous congregation to wish us well and safety. I couldn't find my packet with many essential things (I carry my passport and money on my body, so at least I still had the most essential items). I looked and looked--and even walked back to the restaurant where I last remembered using those items, talked to the hostel owners, searched my items two more times--and just before bed, I found the items in another bag. So good!

Wow! We currently have a rainstorm with wind, and the hostel windows just slammed shut!
After a good talk with Karin about the depth of my disappointment in my ability to walk--each step hurts--I also shared that I had realized during the day that I have one foot that works just fine, and I focused on that foot--glass half full. Although exhausted and uncertain what to do and how to make a decision, I went to bed early and slept like a rock.

This morning, I felt so much better. Although the day was challenging with three steep hills, the temperature was slightly lower, and I was able to manage the  pain better. Cicadas serenaded for quite a while in one valley; animal bells also echoed, although I did see the wearers.  We arrived at the hostel in Viana by 1:00, still in the hot of the day, and with plenty of time to recover. We had a successful shopping trip: I found a heel pad with a large hole in the center, and I found out that my prescription is refillable as I need it.

So at this moment, I have renewed faith and optimism. I even hope that my malady is just a badly bruised hell rather than a bone spur. Now to sleep and onward to another day--one step at a time.

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