Sunday, July 28, 2013



In torpet/soldiers' old farm house amidst meadow and woods,
We three, complemented by their husbands, entered
Personal and existential conversations/connections.
Ingrid and Anna shared experiences as well as offered
Perceptions based on shared and individual history.

In the evening and next morning before she
Departed, Anna offered me healing energetic
Interventions, even from afar the next afternoon,
Addressing my heel, my upcoming surgery, and
A  mildly tweaked finger joint, all of which are on
My left side, my receiving side, for which I am
Grappling during my Sverige/Swedish pilgrimage.
Before she physically departed, Anna left 
Three pine cones on my pillow to remind me of 
The deep and broad connections among us.
Although physically absent, Anna remained
With us, as her travel trailer testified from the lane.

Deeply addressing the smallest and largest 
Areas of life and death and all crevices between,
Ingrid and I spoke directly to our Selves
And to our Souls and to the Connections.
As co-learners, we explored, excavated, and mined
Our lives and this universe we gently inhabit.

This connection was initially accidental.
When I inquired of Marie, who had met the 
Swedes at the Minnesota reunion, she
Incorrectly remembered the person whose
Daughter misplaced a necklace at their cabin.
When I wrote an initial tentative inquiry about
A visit, Ingrid immediately responded with a
"Carpe Diem" card, writing, "It is your DUTY to
Visit your homeland"--also enclosing several
Gold paper hearts that fell out upon opening.

This connection was immediate, enduring, and 
Sustaining, as though we had met previously.
During our long talks, I sensed others arriving at
Torpet to join, enjoy, and celebrate the communion.
During our interactions and conversations,
I expanded my thinking and perceptions.
Accidental connections, synchronicities, 
Coincidences, synergies, correlations, 
Cause and effect, past lives--all are possible
And probable, irrespective of reality or facts.

I know that Ingrid and Anna would say 
That my presence equally enriches them. 
But this is my poem about their gifts to me.

Äntligen, mirrors!!!

Ann Beth Blake
(c) July 26, 2013

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