Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Elisa(beth) lies in Tössekyrkan kyrkogård,
At rest for 137 years, matriarch atop the
Annotated genogram with photographs.
We pause each visit to reflect, pay homage,
Give thanks, and  lay fresh wild flowers.

Lars Magnus Karlsson/Carlsson/Carlson,
Who immigrated to USA in 1879, lies at rest 
In North Hibbing graveyard, accompanied by
A small gravestone of an unknown child:
Baby Carlson. Who is this child?

Who are her/his parents? By proximity,
The child might have been Lars' baby.
Dim memory of a photo of Lars and
An an unidentified woman. Information
Decays as quickly as bodies in graves.

Also in the old graveyard are Lars and
Elisa' daughter, Britta Carolina Ingeborg,
And grandson John H. Lawrence, 
Always called Lawrence, for whom my
Youngest brother Larry is named.

In the 50s, our stillborn sister, Terry
Jeanne, was buried near an old tree.
When our father, Edmond, was buried
In the newer cemetary, I asked that 
Our little sister be moved near Dad.

In the new cemetary, Dad, Terry, and 
Grandparents Blake rest together, 
With 2 extra plots. Mom's ashes are
Scattered on all graves and in other places,
Including on Elisa's grave in Tösse.

As US and Swedish relatives traverse ocean and
Continents to visit home towns in both countries, 
We honor our forebearers' graves, noticing the
Closed circle of gamla mormor Elisa in Tösse, 
Dalsland and gamla morfar Lars in Hibbing, MN.

Ann Beth Blake
(c) July 31, 2012

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