Monday, July 22, 2013

Another Swell Day in Sweden/En Annan Sött Dag i Sverige

Again, yesterday (Sunday/sondag) was a day filled with family and experiences. While he visited his father, Peter dropped me off at Bohus fästning, the oldest fortress in Sweden, in Kungälv (King River), Peter's hometown and current workplace and the famed location of the orthopedic shop owner who saved my left foot--an important village! The fortress is in ruins, which offers multiple photo ops. Jen is working on loading some El Camino pictures onto the blog, so I will also send her some Sweden pics via my new connector between my camera and iPad, thanks to Lina and Fredrick's generous gift.

I spent the afternoon reading and writing; I thoroughly enjoy this pace of people, places, and writing. I wrote a short poem in Swedish, but it is rudimentary and, undoubtedly, choppy and/or inaccurate re grammar and phrasing. My specific apologies to students whose papers I so thoroughly critique! I hadn't brought  my heavy English/Swedish dictionary (even my abbreviated Prismas ordbok/dictionary is amazingly weighty), so I am limited to my Berlitz phrase book.

Eva cooked Thai middag/dinner (my favorite cuisine, second only to mashed potatoes), and then we talked about ourselves and our families, looked at Karin's Facebook page (and saw Elsa' amazing photos), looked at photos and family memorabilia, made soap, Eva made some ont/pain cream for my still-sore muscles, and, of course, we laughed and laughed and laughed.

Then, back across the courtyard to Peter and Karin's lägenhet/apartment,  more talk, a few rounds of Angry Birds, and a long, sound sleep.

Today brings lunch/lunch (words are the same in English and Swedish/svenska!) with Lina, followed by our taking a harbor/hamn boat tour.

Göteborg is similar to Seattle re being a coastal town. Göteborg , like Seattle, is on the west coast; Göteborg is more directly connected to the ocean than Seattle. Göteborg is surrounded by a gorgeous archipelago of rocky islands, of which Marstrand is one. We and MANY other people visited Marstrand several days ago; the island is accessible by a small foot ferry, taking 5 minutes maximum. Marstrand has the other old and well-maintained fortress, Carlstens fästning, in this area. Marstrand was Sweden's  first organized village. The fortresses on Marstrand and in Kungälv are well-positioned for strategic protection against invaders.

More later. Talk soon!

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