Friday, July 19, 2013

Another sweet day in Sweden/en annan sött dag i Sverige

We talked with Karin this evening. Du är en stark, kraft, och smart kvinna. Continue your inner and outer journey! I am proud of you, I support you, jag älskar dig. You can do it, you are doing it!

I spent late morning/early afternoon with Eva in Haga, an older part of Göteborg: laid back hanging out, looking in interesting shop such as Paci, owned by a couple who sponsor schools in Pakistan and India and who now own a fair trade clothing shop. The owner placed my purchases is a small cloth bag, a template used by girls for learning measuring and initial sewing. After lunch, we looked in a few more shops, and then I returned home to write and nap. I had dinner with Karin's youngest daughter and son-in-law in their home. Such sweet moments getting to know each person more fully. Their first child will be born September 3rd, so I will be thinking of them on my flight back home. Another strong couple who easily support each other in many ways, incuding household tasks. Så sött att vara tillsammans, Lina och Fredrick. When I first met Lina in 2007, she clearly invited me to return. Tack så mycket, Lina.

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