Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another fulfilling day in Sweden.

Another fulfilling day in Sweden. 

Several errands accomplished via the support of Karin's daughters. I got a simple phone number established for the month that I am here--now I can begin really contact people here rather than just by e-mailing. I spent the afternoon with Karin's two daughters, son-in-law, and granddaughter. The granddaughter is three, so she is already, of course, way beyond my Swedish, although I can form some sentences to converse with her. 

We went to a nearby island, Tjörn Ö, for lunch and to see an art exhibit by Alice Neel, an American portrait painter from the 1940s and on. Fascinating early feminist. Karin's son is also here for a night. These grown children are such interesting,  productive, and contributing young people. I am inspired and respectful.

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  1. Ann: Although I have remembered you and your journey daily since sending you off with God's blessing and the blessing of your church family, I must confess I did not have time to catch up on your blog until today, Wednesday, July 17. I share in your saddness that your El Camino journey had to be truncated. However, your pilgrimage is not ended. You've only just begun on a new and (who knows what) exciting journey. I think of a verse of another (I've many) favorite hymn: "I know not where the road will lead I follow day by day, or where it end: I only know I walk the King's highway." It ends with these words: "Through light and dark the road leads on till dawns the endless day, when I shall know why in this life I walk the King's highway." It's number 647 in our hymnal when you are back and might want to meditate on the full text. Most of all, I am glad you are safe and, I trust, healing for wherever the rest of your journey may take you. Many, many blessings, Ann. JD Godwin+