Thursday, July 18, 2013

A new, clear dawning day

A new day dawns, in so many ways

Karin's husband Peter found an orthopedic shop in the nearby town where he works (and where he grew up). At the appointment today, the kind and expert proprietor taped my foot (as was done originally to fit me with orthotics), which almost completely eliminated the pain, limping, and trepidation. He will also make me a new pair of state-of-the-art, softer orthotics. As so many of you thought, the issue is probably not a bone spur, but a stress injury from my heel hitting my hard orthotic and putting so much pressure in the connecting tendon that runs along the inside bottom do the foot. I CAN WALK! He still advises rest and ice--and that I not participate in the walk in Wales. The taping will last a week, so I will look for resources to redo the taping while my foot recovers. Peter was so kind to find the resource, take me to the appointment, and take me back again later today to pick up the new orthotics. Peter, who is a nurse, was deeply impressed by the shop owner's expertise and low-key manner re selling products. The shop now has a new following. Ahhhh! I am relived in so many ways.

I have also had contact with more relatives and am making more plans to get together with them. I have a secure sense that my Camino is here in Sweden (confirming tears come as I write). The Path is in me, as I listen to and see and accept experiences offered to me. I am grateful to be in this process so clearly and so deeply.

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